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Dr. Der Sarkissian

Dr. Der Sarkissian

TELEPHONE: 617-472-3137
Email: www.bostonfacialplastics.com

Dr. Der Sarkissian, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, eyes, face and neck. His expertise covers the full range of procedures from injection of dermal fillers and BOTOX® to the most complicated nasal and facial surgical challenges.

With a background in art, Dr. Der Sarkissian has a keen aesthetic eye for beauty. He applies this aesthetic sense to all patients, whether planning a complex revision rhinoplasty or providing a natural, more youthful neckline contour. A renowned physician and educator, his artistic sense, precise analysis and thorough explanation of available options assure patients the most naturally aesthetic results possible.

Dr. Der Sarkissian has written several articles and book chapters and has lectured worldwide on his areas of expertise. He regularly offers his services free of charge to victims of domestic violence and individuals in the community who are unable to afford reconstructive plastic surgery and travels to El Salvador, Vietnam, Armenia and Ecuador to correct birth defects in children and adults.

Services performed

  • Rhinoplasty (primary and revision)
  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid lift)
  • Facelift/neck lift
  • Midface lifts
  • Brow lifts
  • Cheek and Chin Implants
  • Ear reshaping (Otoplasty)
  • BOTOX®
  • Dermal fillers
    • Restylane®/Perlane®
    • Juvéderm™
    • Radiesse®
    • Evolence
    • Sculptra™