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The Boston Center excels at making your plastic surgery a positive experience. We maintain a staff of skilled and experienced registered nurses. Our goal is to provide you with safe and excellent care to ensure that your needs are met.

The nurses at The Boston Center provide personal and confidential care to each patient. Prior to surgery the nurse obtains a brief medical history, including previous surgeries, anesthesia experiences, allergies and complete after care plan. With this information the nurse is able to guide you if necessary laboratory testing is needed.

During your stay at The Boston Center you can expect quality care by the nursing staff. You will be monitored during your surgery and recovery phase to ensure your safety. Measures to minimize any discomfort, swelling or bruising from the surgery will be managed by our nursing staff. You will be given specific post surgery instructions before you are discharged by the nurse.

A 24 hour emergency service is available that is answered by the nursing staff under supervision of a facility physician.