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Peggy Phillips

Peggy Phillips

TELEPHONE: 617-308-5051
EMAIL: Pegkphil@gmail.com

Peggy Phillips is a licensed medical aesthetician with over 35 years of experience in offering facials in Boston’s Back Bay area. "I have always enjoyed working with clients to optimize their complexions."

With meticulous attention to detail, each facial is different, depending on one’s particular concerns with a focus on thorough pore cleansing and exfoliation. A popular treatment in addition to cleansing is The Hydrafacial, giving deep hydration to soften lines & create an even, glowing complexion. There are also a variety of peeling formulas and deep moisturizing techniques Peggy uses to achieve optimal results.

Peggy can be reached via phone call or text for an appointment: 617-308-5051

Deep Pore Cleansing
A thorough cleansing working with the pores and texture of the skin to improve its look and feel. This treatment may include exfoliation, extractions, and facial masks.

An exfoliation treatment removing dead cells for a smoother, brighter appearance. This is also utilized frequently for facial hair removal.

Chemical Peels
These are exfoliation treatments using acidic ingredients to refine lines, smooth texture, and even out pigmentation. They can be done with deep pore cleansing treatments.

Customized mechanical exfoliation to help remove dead cells and soften lines creating a softer and brighter skin texture.

Deep-hydration treatment also incorporating a thorough cleansing and superficial extraction. Results are immediate and tangible with no downtime. HydraFacials can be used for all skin types and are customized for a client’s particular needs.